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Photo: Raj Rajaratnam Accused in $20 Million Insider Trading Case

 The New York hedge fund billionaire indicted today in an alleged $20 million insider trading scheme, Raj Rajaratnam, was a major contributor to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and also the single largest contributor to a charity linked to the Tamil Tiger terror group in Sri Lanka, according to records obtained by

 ABCNEWS (syndicate)

Hillary Clinton generating widespread condemnation mentioned Sri Lanka as a country which uses rape as a military tactic while speaking at the Security Council meeting of the United Nations recently.

( Issued report to UN with Durty Money)

Raj Rajaratnam contributed to LTTE front TRO, Hillary campaign

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is help to Tamil Tiger terror group in Sri Lanka (LTTE) ?

Rajaratnam Surfaced in U.S. Terrorism Probe -

(WSJ) WASHINGTON—The hedge-fund billionaire charged as part of a vast insider-trading case surfaced in an earlier, separate probe into U.S. fundraising by a Sri Lankan terrorist group, people familiar with the probe said.

As part of that investigation, federal agents said they uncovered documents showing that Raj Rajaratnam, founder of the Galleon Group, was among several wealthy Sri Lankans in the U.S. whose donations to a Maryland-based charity made their way to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, according to people familiar with the probe.

The LTTE, commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, fought a brutal separatist war carrying out suicide bombings and political assassinations against the government of Sri Lanka from 1976 until it was defeated in May.

Mr. Rajaratnam, 52 years old, was among six people arrested Friday in what the Federal Bureau of Investigation said is the largest-ever, hedge-fund insider-trading case. Federal prosecutors charged Mr. Rajaratnam with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. (More)

Indicted N.Y. Financier Gave Big to Hillary and Terror Charity - Raj Rajaratnam contributed to LTTE front TRO, Hillary campaign


The New York hedge fund billionaire indicted today in an alleged $20 million insider trading scheme, Raj Rajaratnam, was a major contributor to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and also the single largest known U.S. contributor to a charity linked to the Tamil Tiger terror group in Sri Lanka, according to records obtained by

Photo: Indicted N.Y. Financier Gave Big to Hillary and Terror Charity: Raj Rajaratnam Accused in $20 Million Insider Trading Case
Raj Rajaratnam, billionaire founder of the Galleon Group, a major hedge fund, is led in handcuffs... Expand
(Louis Lanzano/AP Photo)

Rajaratnam is accused of operating an elaborate insider trading operation through his Galleon Group hedge fund, which made him one of the wealthiest men in America with an estimated net worth of $1.3 billion.

The case against Rajaratnam and the five others indicted alleges they netted over $25 million in profits and marked the first time a court authorized wire taps were used in a hedge fund case.

A Sri Lankan native, Rajaratnam gave more than $3.5 million to the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), whose assets were frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department in Nov. 2007 because of its alleged ties to the Tamil Tigers. (More)

“We’re ready to give further aid to Sri Lanka”

(Oct 16 Hindu) COLOMBO: India on Thursday expressed its readiness to provide further humanitarian assistance, on the request of Colombo, for the welfare of nearly 2.5 lakh war-displaced people housed in the refugee camps of Sri Lanka’s Northern Province.

The assurance was conveyed by visiting Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur to the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Rohitha Bogollagama in a meeting on the sidelines of the 8th Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Ministerial Meeting here.

Ms. Kaur told Mr. Bogollogama that New Delhi was aware of the difficulties faced in the de-mining and resettlement process and is ready to discuss the possibility of increasing assistance to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Jaffna post restarted

Overland postal services have restarted from Colombo to the city of Jaffna, the main town in Sri Lanka's north, five months after the end of the war.

Forty-two bags of mail on Thursday travelled south overland from Jaffna, while 56 bags were conveyed northwards.

The old-fashioned movement of letters and parcels constitutes one more small step towards restoring a kind of normality in northern Sri Lanka.

The mailbags do the northern stretch by bus, on a newly reopened highway.

They travel in the opposite direction, south of the town of Vavuniya, by train.

Speaking to the BBC from Jaffna city, deputy postmaster-general V Kumaraguru said that people of the region would now be able to send post to their kith and kin "very fast".

Asia should not be held to ransom

President tells international financial institutions:

International financial institutions, that play an increasing role in the Asian region, should be more concerned about the burdens they impose through conditions for assistance and elimination of poverty and should not be held ransom to such conditions, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.
Delivering the Keynote Address at the inauguration of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue 8th Ministerial Meeting at the BMICH yesterday, the President said these institutions should recognize the many disadvantages caused by subsidies implemented by the advanced economies, while preaching to the developing countries to move away from subsidies.

27 dead as militants launch three attacks in Pakistani city Lahore

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

In fresh terror spree militants on Thursday stormed a Federal Investigation Agency office and two police training units in near-simultaneous attacks in Pakistan's Lahore city, sparking fierce gun battles that killed at least 27 people and injured 29.

Convener of the Inter-university Students’ Union further remanded

When Mr Udul Premaratne, convener of the Inter-University Students’ Union was produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate yesterday (14) his lawyers made a request to release him on bail. But the Police raised their objection to this move as usual and he was further remanded.

Considering the appeal the Magistrate stated that a decision whether to grant him bail or not will be taken up o 16th.

පැරෂූට්‌ එක වහළට පාත් වුණාම අපි
වහළට නැගලා රණවිරුවා බිමට ගත්තා

පෙරේදා සවස කොළඹ ඛෙත්තාරාම ක්‍රීඩාංගණයේ පැවැති පැරෂූට්‌ සංදර්ශන පෙරහුරුවේදී අතර මඟ කඩා වැටුන පැරෂූට්‌ භටයා බේරාගත් ආදුරුප්පුවීදියේ පදිංචි මොහොමඩ් යාසින් තරුණ මහතා ඇතුළු තරුණ පිරිස සිද්ධිය "දිවයින"ට විස්‌තර කළේ මෙසේය.

වෙලාව හරියටම සවස 5 පසුවී විනාඩි 45 ක්‌ ගතවුණා විතරයි අපි දැක්‌කා උඩ අහසේ පැරෂූට්‌ වගයක්‌ ගමන්කරමින් තිබෙනවා. අපි ආසාවෙන් ඒ දිහා බලාගෙන හිටියා. එක පාරටම පැරෂූට්‌ දෙකක්‌ එකට පැටලිලා ඈත ආකාසේ පාවෙනවා දැක්‌කා. අපිට බය හිතුනා. ඊළඟට එක පැරෂූට්‌ එකක්‌ ආමර්වීදිය පැත්තේ ඉඳලා එළවලු මාර්කට්‌ එක පැත්තට ගහගෙන ගියා. අපිත් ඒ දෙසට දිව්වා. ඒ පාරෙන් මේ පාරෙන් පැන පැන දිව්වා. බලනකොට මුළු පාරවල් ඔක්‌කොම මිනිස්‌සුන්ගෙන් පිරිලා. කාර් බස්‌ ත්‍රීවීල් ඔක්‌කොම එක ගොඩේ හිරවෙලා.

 අපි කට්‌ටියක්‌ සෙනඟ අතරින් රිංගලා ආදුරුප්පුවීදිය දිගේ දුවගෙන යනකොට නොම්බර 76 තට්‌ටු දෙකේ ගේ උඩට පැරෂූට්‌ එක පාත් වුණා. අපි ගේ ළඟට ගියා. වහලට නගින්න විදිහක්‌ නෑ. ඒ පාර කෑගහගල කිව්වා ඉනිමගක්‌ ගේන්න කියලා. කවුදෝ කෙනෙක්‌ ඉනිමගක්‌ උස්‌සාගෙන සෙනඟ අතරින් කෑ ගහගෙන ආවා. ඉනිමග දිගේ ඉහළට නැඟල අපි රණවිරු වීර පැරෂූට්‌ භටයා පහතට අරගෙන ආවා.

Eastern Beaches:

Sri Lanka east coast to get new hotels
Oct 15, 2009 (LBO) - The Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority has approved the construction of new hotels on a prime beach property on the island's east coast following the end of the war, a senior official said.

S Kalaiselvam, director general, Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, said the country aims to add about 20,000 hotel rooms in the next seven years to cater to the anticipated boom in tourism.

Sri Lanka now has a total of 13,000 rooms.

The tourism industry had been in the doldrums for years because of the 30-year ethnic war.

But the conflict ended in May with the defeat by government forces of Tamil Tiger separatists, resulting in an immediate revival in tourist arrivals.

Students block entry to J’pura Uni admin building

(Oct'15 - D.M.) A group of students at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura have launched an agitation campaign preventing officials from entering the administrative building of the University, calling for the reinstatement of three students whose studentship had been canceled earlier. Police protection has now been given to the university.

The three studentships have been cancelled due to their connection with ragging and protest activities. The annual election for the appointment of officials for the Students Council in the University is also set to be held today, Inter University Student's Federation sources said.

Fresh Capital

Sri Lanka Ceylinco housing firm in cash call
Oct 15, 2009 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Ceylinco Housing & Real Estate Company, a unit of troubled Ceylinco group, said it wanted to raise 214 million rupees for working capital by selling 13.3 million shares.
In a stock exchange filing signed by its chairman Janaka Ratnayake, who is also chairman of state-run Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL), the firm said it was issuing one share for every existing share.

MBSL has been appointed managing agent for The Finance Company, by the country's banking regulator and it has also bought into other related companies including a savings bank, following the collapse of an unregulated firm in the Ceylinco group.

On October 05, MBSL said it had entered into a consultancy agreement with Ceylinco Building Society, for a fee of a million rupees a month.

Cautious Stance

Oct 13, 2009 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Central Bank is holding its main policy rate steady at 10.50 percent amid low inflation, expecting the effect of previous cuts to spread wider into the banking system.

Policy rates have been cut from a peak of 19.0 percent at the beginning of the year. Yields of Treasury bills have fallen around 800 to 865 basis points.

Rate Movements

"So far during the year, market interest rates have gradually declined in response to the monetary policy relaxation measures of the Central Bank, but are yet to adjust fully to such measures," the monetary authority said in its October policy statement.

"The Central Bank expects the downward movement of the benchmark yield rates to permeate to other market interest rates over the coming weeks, further reducing the borrowing costs of economic agents.

US, Lanka biz looks to rise above politics

(BL)Midst apparent soured diplomatic relations recently the United States and Sri Lanka yesterday began a fresh series of what could be a critical dialogue for businesses and trade of the two countries to rise above politics.
As a forerunner to the seventh round of talks tomorrow under the US Lanka Trade and Investment Framework (TIFA) which the two countries first began in 2002, the official and high level business delegations interacted yesterday in the city.

A 40-member American business team is in town comprising top names including General Electric, Ford Motors, Marriott International, Rockwell Automation, Coca Cola, 3M, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Caterpillar, UPS, AECOM and Levi Strauss. The visit is the first large US Government business initiative since the end of the internal conflict in Sri Lanka.

On Target

Oct 08, 2009 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's state-owned National Savings Bank (NSB) had exceeded its 2009 deposit mobilization target of 30 billion rupees by the end of the third quarter, a senior official said.

"So far we have achieved 38 billion rupees and we expect it will exceed 40 billion rupees at year's end," H M Hennayake Bandara, NSB's additional general manager, finance told reporters at a media conference.

"Total deposits held by the bank have gone up to 295 billion rupees."

NSB is Sri Lanka's largest savings bank. Its only competitor is state-owned Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka (MBSL) Savings Bank, formerly Ceylinco Savings Bank (CSB).

Tamil Nadu MPs’ delegation meets Mahinda Rajapaksa

(Indian, Hindu)COLOMBO: The 10-member parliamentary delegation from Tamil Nadu on Tuesday called on Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa and exchanged views on the rehabilitation of the 2.5-lakh war displaced housed in government-run camps and the contours of a political solution to the ethnic conflict.

A report on the meeting posted on the Presidential Secretariat web site said: “They came with a different mindset but having visited the welfare centres for IDPs [Internally Displaced Persons], they are returning with a more positive attitude, said [the] Tamil Nadu MPs when they met [the] President.”